Mini Course: From The Beginning

Lesson 1: Introduction - How to start your book in the right way. Learn the best practices.

Lesson 2: Biggest Asset - MINDSET - Learn seven strategies to get in the MINDSET and stay there.

Lesson 3: Story Structure - Get your book structured based on your genre and get it right the first time.  You'll have the templates and instructions to properly stage your storyline and include all proper key components for a successful book.

Lesson 4:  The Point of View - Find out how to determine what point of view to use in your story, when you can change it and when you can't, and how to make it easy for the reader to connect with your story when using the right point of view.

Lesson 5: Story Outline - Expanding on your story structure, learn what key elements you need to layout your storyline and make it easy and efficient to write. Save yourself tons of time by learning these easy steps.

Lesson 6: Story "Must Have's" - Take a look at my own list of concepts that I WISH I would have known, writing my first book.  Learn these helpful secrets and strategies to make your story successful and on every reader's wish list.

Lesson 7: Overview - getting the power to finish your book and customize your own writing journey.

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