Mini Course: Formatting Your Story

Lesson 1: Introduction - Learn how to keep your story going using these efficient strategies that will save you so much time on your editing stage.

Lesson 2: Manuscript Formatting - Get the basics on formatting your story appropriate to draw attention to literary agents and publishers. Learn what's required from fonts, chapters, title pages, and all proper formatting basics.

Lesson 3: All Things Scenes - Learn what constitutes a scene change, how to identify a scene break and properly format so the reader understands and can connect and follow the story.

Lesson 4: Dialogue & Letter Formatting - Understand how dialogue should be included in your manuscript and what that looks like.  Make it compelling and properly format dialogue so agents and publishers can get into the story conversation without stumbling on mistakes.

Lesson 5:  Document Formatting - Documents and other notes in stories can confuse readers quickly if not put in accurately.  Agents and publishers will see this right away. Get the right guidance here to insert documents.

Lesson 6: Overview - Understand the importance of keeping readers engaged.  Understand this and you'll be well on your way to a successful and properly formatted manuscript, one you will be proud to submit to publishers and agents.

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