Mini Course: Making Your Story Consistent, Compelling & Believable

Lesson 1: Introduction - Here you're going to learn how to capitalize on your own knowledge to write an amazing storyline.

Lesson 2: Genre: What Authors Must Know - Learn about the importance of genre and how it affects the success of your book.  Learn what genres are best selling and where your story fits in.

Lesson 3: Length of Your Manuscript - Get the guide to your own book genre and find out how long it should be. Learn how to stay in range and when you can bend the rules.

Lesson 4: Write What You Know - Get the inside information on how to write a story, even if you don't have enough knowledge to support it. Here you will learn what answers you need to find to make sure your book is consistent from start to end.

Lesson 5: "Google" is Our Friend - A book that doesn't seem believable, due to lack of explanation or lack of consistency will inevitably fail. Learn the best guides and tools to finding those answers you need. Make your story credible with these helpful strategies.

Lesson 6: Overview -Make a Consistent, Compelling and Believable Story for your readers.

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