You're one step closer to adding "author" to your resume.

Have you dreamed of becoming a published author but have no idea where to start?

Maybe lack confidence in your writing skills or don’t know how or where to publish your story?‚Äč

I can understand your struggles. I’ve been through it.

It took me two years of revisions to publish my first book. Now that I’m an award-winning author that’s been on television, and traveled the country representing my book, I want to help you do the same.

Below you'll find resources (continuously updated!) that I've created to help you on each stage of your book writing journey. Whether you need help framing your story, marketing your book or you want a guide through the whole process, I'm here for you.

Available Products

Author Creation Project

Welcome! If you have a book idea, you're in the right place! The Author Creation Project takes you step by step through the process of writing, publishing and marketing your book. Let's get started!

Book Creation Project

Welcome! If you have a book idea, you're in the right place! This Program is focused on "All Things Story" and designed to guide a writer through the entire book project.

Script Mastery: A Crash Course in Feature Film Screenwriting

Are you ready to unleash your storytelling potential and see your name on the silver screen? Look no further. With "Script Mastery," you'll gain the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to transform your ideas into engaging and marketable screenplays.

Editing on a Shoestring Budget

Finishing a book is a major accomplishment, but getting it polished on a limited budget takes creativity. This workshop will help you get there.

How Do I Know I Can Write a Book?

In this workshop, you'll find out if you have what it takes to write your own book and become a published author.

How Do I Know My Manuscript Is Ready?

This workshop is designed to take the intimidation out of the manuscript preparation process and help you get ready to submit your book to agents with confidence. 

How to Write a Query Letter

Learn how to write your best sales pitch and get the attention of agents and publishers.

Scene & Character Development: What Fiction Writers Should Know

Learn how to start your story and create something your readers won't be able to put down.

Mini Course: From The Beginning

Time to start at the very beginning and get your story written.

Mini Course: Formatting Your Story

Learn all the details you need to format your story correctly and get it ready to send off to publishers and agents.

Mini Course: Making Your Story Consistent, Compelling & Believable

Learn the tools, resources, and steps you need to take your story from an idea to a concrete, comprehensive, credible piece.

Mini Course: Goal-Setting

Learn how to finally set goals and become an author on your own timeline. Whether it's six months, a year or five, this mini course will help you get there.

Mini Course: The Editing Begins

Learn how to go through the entire editing process for your book. From gathering feedback to marking up your manuscript, you'll build the confidence you need to submit to agents and publishers.

DTA Private Writer's Community Membership

Join the Dream To Author Private Writer's Community!

We are all things writing, publishing, and marketing your first book. Here you will hear:

  • Writing Tips
  • Market News
  • Free Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Interviews from publishers, successful authors, leaders in the industry and much more.

We ask that you respect the opinions of others and stay positive in this group. Dream To Author reserves the right to deny access to individuals that do not comply.

March 2023 Write Your Book Live Launch Replays

Replays for the March 2023 Live Launch from March 20-27th.

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