Mini Course: The Editing Begins

Lesson 1: Introduction - Finalizing your story and beginning the editing process on a "Shoestring Budget"

Lesson 2: Critique Group Tools - Get your Dream To Author Ultimate Editing Ebook and learn one of the best strategies to get reader feedback on your story.  Learn how to pick your group and what to look for.

Lesson 3: What to Gather and What to Ask - Use templates to guide you in getting the best editing feedback for your book and save yourself time and effort in the process.

Lesson 4: Implementing your Edits - Use these best strategies to edit your own manuscript without getting overwhelmed by all of the feedback.  This is key to a successful book.

Lesson 5: Editing Strategies and Resources - Learn what I have used and what will work well for your own editing process.

Lesson 6: Overview - Get these helpful tools to make this process fast and efficient so you have the confidence in submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers.

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