Mini Course: Goal-Setting

Lesson 1: Introduction - How to get your story written and save time.  Don't wait years to write it.  Learn these lessons to become a published author within a year.

Lesson 2: Setting Your Goals - Understand the key to creating your goals and how you can stick with them to make sure you become an author in a year.

Lesson 3: The Dreaded Writer's Block - How to overcome writer's block along every stage of your writing journey.

Lesson 4: Evaluating Your Progress - Understand what it takes to accomplish smaller goals to larger ones and how to change your process to ensure success.

Lesson 5: The Secret to Progress - Learn the secret weapon to successfully becoming an author!

Lesson 6: Overview - Using this goal-setting strategy will make you an author when you want to be an author.  Whether it's one year or six months, you can make it happen if you follow your customized plan.

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